In cooperation with the S.U.P.I. (Social Unequality, Precarity and Insecurity) Network, the LEARNING CULTURES NETWORK publishes the Open-Access online Journal Social Transformations. Research on Precarisation and Diversity – an international and interdisciplinary journal.

Thematically, the journal concentrates on the process of handling the socio-economic and socio-cultural shifts arising from globalization and digitalization. The journal’s research field comprises inter- and intra-disciplinary approaches addressing the effects and consequences of social transformation processes.
The journal was conceived as a forum for critical, integrative analyses of social transformations, drawn from fields including the humanities, social sciences and economics. The development of action-oriented approaches arising from analyses of social transformations and their practical consequences is a fundamental aim of this journal.
The relevance of the journal lies in providing a forum where different theoretical approaches can be brought together in an integrative environment. It emphasises the latest empirical research and promotes solution-orientated discussions between individuals active in different fields (researchers, social workers, politicians etc.). Social Transformations is a publication in which actors from various fields can develop pragmatic strategies for social action.
The journal is hosted by the CeDiS-Freie Universität Berlin (Center for Digital Systems – E-Learning, E-Research, Multimedia).